Kids Karate (4-6 y)

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Great focus everyone!

Kids Karate (4-6 y) offers students a chance to learn self-defense, and a fit, fun lifestyle. This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of karate while delivering the message in an age-appropriate way. There is a particular focus on coordination and self-discipline in a group setting as well as teaching a philosophy of non-violence and peaceful conflict resolution.  Uniforms are available for purchase and will make your little one really feel the part!

This program is for children 4-6 years of age, however, families wanting to practice with their children (6 years +) should try out Traditional Karate!

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Birthday Parties

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Punch hard!

At Jitsu-Do Karate we love promoting karate in any way we can so when your child’s special day comes around why not have a Karate Birthday Party!

A variety of party packages are available ranging from 1 hour of karate hosted by Jitsu-Do Karate to multiple hour parties where we supply everything!  Visit the Contact Us page to learn more about these fun events!