Where are you located?

We have been at  1211 Gorham Street – Suite 5 since September 2013.

What is different about your club?

At Jitsu-Do Karate we use a fun, active atmosphere paired with a painstakingly refined curriculum to provide a comprehensive martial arts education that helps people of all ages become fitter, more confident and more considerate members of society.

I’ve done other martial arts in the past, will you honour my previously achieved ranks?

As we do respect training done in the past, we will offer incoming students the option to wear their existing rank but in order to grade higher, they must do so by proving themselves through our curriculum.

Should I sign up with your club directly or the Town of Newmarket?

We would always recommend signing up through our club directly because you can take advantage of our beautiful facility and great prices, but if you would like to sign up through the Town, you are welcome to do so.

What incentives do you offer to families or students training more often during the week?

Students at Jitsu-Do Karate can take advantage of the various discounts and packages we offer including discounts for signing up for additional classes a week, signing up multiple family members, or committing to longer periods of time up front.