Summer Coloured Belt Grading Cancelled

Hi All,

As many people are missing from the club for large portions of the Summer I have decided to cancel the Summer Coloured Belt grading.  This means the next time people have to advance their rank will be in December so that should give everyone a few months to sharpen their skills and make a great showing then!

Happy practicing!

Summer 2018 Modified Schedule

Please find below the modified schedule for Summer 2018:

Sunday: No classes
Monday: Parent and Tot 11-11:45am, All Ranks 5-7pm
Tuesday: All Ranks 5-5:45pm, Yellow/Orange 6-7pm, Kumite 7-8pm
Wednesday: Kids (4-6y) 5-5:45pm, All Ranks (W-O material) 6-7pm, All Ranks (G-B material) 7-8pm
Thursday: No classes
Friday: No classes
Saturday: Adult/Intermediate 8:30-10am, Kids (4-6y)10-10:45am, All Ranks 11am-12pm

Week off then Summer training!

Just as a reminder to everyone, we are closed until July 2nd and will re-open on July 3rd for summer training.

Summer usually has fewer students which means more fun games, different activities, outdoor training and more so take advantage of the time if you can and otherwise, we’ll see you in the fall!

Grading on Sunday, June 17th @ 10am

Hello Everyone,

This is just a reminder that there is a grading this coming Sunday, June 17th at 10am for students who have contacted Sensei already and provided the belt they are testing for and the size.

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, the grading STARTS at 10am but you should be at the club around 9:45am to make sure you have time to register, pay and warm up.

If you’re early, you’re on time…

If you’re on time, you’re late…

If you’re late, stay home.

See you all there!

Spring Grading Results!

Another amazing Grading in the books! Congratulations to Emily, Jeff, Ryan, Abtin, Atrin, Wilson, Easton, Cassandra, and Beth on their great performances. It’s always nice to see when people do the right things, train hard and show up prepared. You all make your Sensei proud!!!

Kagami Biraki 2018

This year’s New Year’s celebration is going to be held on Saturday,  February 24th from 2pm – 4pm at the dojo.

It’s a potluck lunch/snack to all we ask is that all attendees bring a little food/drink so we can all enjoy the tasty treats!

Also, this is the time that we present our awards from 2017 so make sure you attend because you could be one of the winners!!!