Kickboxing, fitness, kick, cardio
Wow! Look at that kick!

Kick and punch your way to a better body!

Fitness Kickboxing gives you a great way to punch and kick your way to a better body all while having fun and learning some great self-defence tips!

A great mix of striking bags, cardio and body-weight exercises make up this addictive workout that will leave you feeling stronger, leaner and more confident.  Also, variety is the spice of life and Fitness Kickboxing classes are never the same twice!

We use a wide range of equipment such as dumbells, kettlebells, elastic fitness bands, heavy bags, gymnastic rings and more to help you achieve and look your best!


  • Fitness and Flexibility
  • Weight Loss
  • Co-ordination
  • Strengthening and toning
  • Functional strength
  • Self-defence tips
strength training, abs, karate needs ab muscles
Use those core muscles!

And More Classes to Come!

At Jitsu-Do Karate, we are never satisfied and are always looking to offer more services for our students.  That’s why we have a variety of fitness and wellness classes planned for introduction to Jitsu-Do Karate in the near future including Yoga, Zumba, Boxing and Insanity!


power in karate, elbow strikes, punches
Strength training, power, fitness
Getting stronger with knuckle push-ups!
karate kicks, kicking bags
Kicking heavy bags, kick a hole through it!