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What is Jitsu-Do Karate?

Quick Facts

  • Started in 2009
  • Family run business
  • Over 75 members with more signing up each session
  • Classes for beginners and intermediates, young and old
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Kata practice

Jitsu-Do Karate is a product of years of passion and study on the part of Sensei Michael Ginn. Jitsu-Do Karate was opened in 2009 in partnership with the Town of Newmarket and it has grown significantly since then.

Increasing the number and variety of classes as well as the number of students, Jitsu-Do Karate has turned from a three-hours-a-week part-time hobby into a thriving and quickly developing venue for martial arts and fitness development.

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Headed by Sensei Michael Ginn, Karate, fitness and self-defense classes for people of all ages and skill levels are now available five days a week in our dojo facility at 1211 Gorham Street – Suite 5.


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