Spring Grading Results!

Another amazing Grading in the books! Congratulations to Emily, Jeff, Ryan, Abtin, Atrin, Wilson, Easton, Cassandra, and Beth on their great performances. It’s always nice to see when people do the right things, train hard and show up prepared. You all make your Sensei proud!!!

Kagami Biraki 2018

This year’s New Year’s celebration is going to be held on Saturday,  February 24th from 2pm – 4pm at the dojo.

It’s a potluck lunch/snack to all we ask is that all attendees bring a little food/drink so we can all enjoy the tasty treats!

Also, this is the time that we present our awards from 2017 so make sure you attend because you could be one of the winners!!!

Winter 2018 Classes Have Begun!

All of our classes are back on and we’ve got to keep the place warm with our pushups, squats, punches and kicks! For all of Jitsu-Do’s more experienced students, remember to help  our new students feel comfortable and get settled with your kind words and good examples.

Remember, it was all of your first day’s once, and you were nervous too!

No Class Dec 13/2017

The 6-7pm All Ranks class has been cancelled tonight and an email was sent out this morning.  Anyone who is signed up for 1 class per week who has missed their class tonight is entitled to a make up class at a time of their choosing.  Please correspond with Sensei to arrange for your make up class in person or via email.

Christmas Closure 2017

Just a heads up for everyone about which days we will be closing for the Christmas Break. Our Fall grading will be held on Sunday, December 17 @10am, our last day of classes will be Thursday, December 21 and we will resume classes on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Thanks!

Shihan Martin Sisler on Nov. 28!

Yondan, Shihan  Martin Sisler (Master Instructor,  4th Degree Black Belt) and Brother in law to Sensei, is coming to Jitsu-Do Karate on Tuesday, November 28th from 5pm-8pm.

All students are welcome to attend on that day even if it’s not their usual class.  All students can attend the 5pm class and Yellow belts and up can attend the 6pm and 7pm classes.

Shihan Sisler is always a great treat for our students so let’s get out there and show him our support!

Wing Tsun Seminar on November 13 @ 7pm

Fernando Gonzalez is back and is excited to see you all again! Bringing with him a lifetime of martial arts experience with a speciality in Wing Tsun, Fernando is going to give a unique perspective to martial arts and a great complement to what you may already know. All are welcome so bring a friend or family member, it’s only $15!!