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Town of Newmarket Classes Starting January 10th

Now that we’re back in action after the new year its almost time to start up our partnership classes with the Town of Newmarket.  Town Parks and Recreation classes will be starting at the end of this week from January 10th (Saturday) on and will run until close to March Break.

The only exception to this is Fitness Kickboxing which starts Thursday, January 8 and runs for 12 weeks.

We look forward to seeing all of the new faces!

New Classes at CRKF!!

Happy New Year CRKF’rs!!! Just a quick update… Our new self-defence classes will be starting on Monday, January 5 @ 7pm and Tuesday, January 6 @ 7:30pm and are open to anyone 12 years old and up. This class in not just limited to existing CRKF students so please open up the opportunity to other people who might be interested. If you have signed up for unlimited classes these classes will be free for you and all others will be charged $50 one-time for all classes from now until the end of March. Call or email for more details!!

Happy New Year!

Sensei and Mrs. Sensei (Rachel) would both like to thank all of our students for making 2014 the best year the dojo has ever seen.  With all of your help, sweat and hard work, you are helping this club become a real contender in Newmarket martial arts and we are incredibly grateful.

We wish you and your families a great rest of 2014 and an amazing 2015!

See you all at the club!!

Last Grading of 2014

Its getting to the end of 2014 and that means it’s time for a Grading! All students with 3 stripes (and who knows and can perform all of their techniques for their full belt) should show up on Sunday, December 14th at (please understand that AT means BEFORE) 10 a.m. with a clean uniform, manual, and your grading fee.  As we have done in the past, you must have your fee PRIOR to starting the grading… no quick trip to the bank after its all over.

Students who are successful at their grading will receive the news there and then but will not receive their belt and certificate until they return from the winter closure on, or after, January 5th, 2015.

Good Luck!!!

Winter Closure is coming up!

This is just a reminder that CRKF will be closing from Monday, December 22nd, 2014 to Sunday January 4th, 2015.  Classes will resume on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

As this is a regularly occurring closure, there are no makeup classes offered for the closure dates.

Also remember that the Unlimited Karate special runs out as of the last day of classes so if you want to take advantage, you had better do it soon!

Friday Kumite Classes Cancelled

Unfortunately classes do sometimes need to be cancelled due to lack of attendance and that is what is happening to Kumite Class on Friday afternoons until further notice.

There are not currently any plans to fill the spot with anything else but if an idea comes up that has the backing of lots of attendance we would be happy to consider it!

Thanks again!

CRKF Feedback Please!!

At CRKF we always do our best to provide our students with an education that is second to none and an atmosphere that is positive and welcoming but we can always do better.

We would really appreciate all CRKF students and families to provide us with feedback to let us know how we are doing and what we can do to improve your experience here.  If you have topics you would like to see more often, new class ideas or anything else, please let us know through our contact page and we will start working on it ASAP!

CRKF Self-Defence Clinic!

CRKF will be hosting a Self-defence clinic on Saturday, November 22 at 3 p.m. and all are welcome!  You do not need to be a CRKF student to attend so please share this opportunity with your friends.  The cost is $20 and the clinic will last for 2 hours.

This clinic will be run by Sensei Michael Ginn and Sifu Fernando Gonzalez who will be teaming up to give you a well-rounded and accessible approach to self-defence including a Q+A period at the end of the clinic.

We hope to see you all there!

Grappling/Weapons Classes Have Started!

Our new Grappling/Weapons classes have started and are a ton fof fun!  These classes focus on defending yourself on the ground against an opponent using different locks, chokes and submissions.  This class is available to adults only but you do not need to study karate to join!  If anyone has friends or family that are thinking of taking part, a drop-in class is only $12 so give it a try and get ready to sweat!! No uniform is required, shorts and a t-shirt and a desire to get sweaty and tired is all you need! This class will be an exploration through learning different methods of ground fighting where all ideas are up for examination and we only practice what works!